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The most feature-rich and security-oriented wallet for TON

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The wallet is self-custodial and open-source. The developers do not have access to your funds, browser history, or any other private information. The source code is available on  GitHub .

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Variety of features

Multiple Tokens

Receive and transfer jettons.

Home for NFT

Buy, sell, hold and enjoy digital artworks.

Multiple Accounts

Easily switch between independent accounts for different needs.

Multiple Blockchains

Store and easily swap various tokens from other networks.

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Future is now

Low Fees

TON commissions are disparately low and always visible in the wallet UI.

Elegant Design

Lightweight and stylish user interface with an extreme attention to detail.

Lightning Fast

TON is one of the fastest blockchains allowing to transfer money in a few seconds.



MyTonWallet is a self-custodial cryptocurrency wallet. You have sole control over your funds and are responsible for ensuring your secret recovery phrase is stored safely. It is impossible to recover funds or access your wallet without your secret recovery phrase. Likewise, if the secret recovery phrase is stolen and funds are transferred out of the wallet, it may be impossible to return them.

Cryptocurrencies fluctuate wildly in value. MyTonWallet displays current prices in a chosen currency for convenience, which does not imply that any token can actually be exchanged for the given amount.

MyTonWallet does not provide investment advice, does not process payments, and does not have access to your funds. The application is offered as-is without warranty of any kind.

Our services rely on new technologies, such as The Open Network blockchain. Some services are subject to increased risk through your potential misuse of things such as public/private key cryptography. By using MyTonWallet, you explicitly acknowledge and accept these heightened risks.